How to Use Plywood in Interior Design?

Interior decoration has never been so appealing and affordable. With its versatility, lightweight, durability, flexibility, and sturdiness, plywood has revolutionized contemporary interior decoration concepts. Modern interiors with plywood walls, ceilings, and furnishings look sophisticated but are cheap and easy to install.

Here are some ideas to transform your interiors with simple plywood applications:

1. Elegant walls

Plywood walls are the latest rage in modern urban spaces, thanks to their rustic appeal. Whether in bedrooms, living areas, kitchen, bathrooms, or corridors, plywood panels, and wallboards greatly enhance the style quotient of a space. While wood adds its natural warmth to your spaces, its pairing with cold materials like steel and concrete brings out a contrast that’s pleasing to the eyes. Plywood with a soft light wooden finish like those of pine, beech, spruce, and birch can transform your interiors. A wall with yellowish-white plywood with dark grainy highlights looks minimalistic but greatly ups the aesthetics of the interiors.

2. Stylish and space-saving shelving units

Urban apartments often have limited spaces and plywood shelving units come around as smart storage solutions. Plywood that is borer and termite, as well as moisture-resistant, is excellent for making sturdy bookcases. So, other than books, you can get creative displaying lamps, figurines, picture frames, baskets, boxes, and much more. Shelf compartments of different sizes are quite in and stylish. Wall-mounted floating bookshelves, on the other hand, accentuate the wall while maximizing available space.

3. Plant filled shelves and cabinets

To enjoy some fresh air indoors add greenery to your space. Moreover, indoor plants are usually low-maintenance too. Moisture-resistant plywood cabinets and shelving units are wonderful for showcasing your favorite plants while adding the goodness of greenery and some color to simple interiors.

4. Kitchen cabinets in budget

Let’s face it – solid wood kitchen cabinets, their installation, customization, and maintenance are quite an expensive affair. Enter plywood kitchen cabinets – cheap, sturdy, water-resistant, and not easily shrinkable. No wonder even the most iconic designers today choose to work with plywood:  They fit perfectly in any shape of the kitchen – L-shaped, U-shaped, a zig-zag one or an island kitchen, and every time lending an aesthetic quality.

The best part

The great versatility of plywood lies in its ability to be used in different areas of the house. And, the best part? You get to create the chicest and trendy interiors at greatly affordable costs!